Feeding Your Sourdough Starter (Liquid or Dry!)

Getting your hands on a sourdough starter is so exciting! If you are brand-new to sourdough please watch this video before you begin. I go over the basics of your starter and discuss important points to know. In the video I discuss making your own starter but the concepts are important for sourdough novices. Here … Continue reading Feeding Your Sourdough Starter (Liquid or Dry!)



This sign at the archery club really stuck with me. The meaning behind it is so simple, “bring your children - they’re welcome! But please be aware of them as people are practicing.” Why am I still thinking about it? Maybe it’s how the YOU is in all caps. Or the red color making sure … Continue reading YOU


Recently I was asked to be a co-leader in our women's small group at church. Honestly, I was shocked because I feel like I am the absolute worst person for the job of leading women to Christ. I told our pastor's wife I'd think about it and mentioned it to Pierre. He said "What reason … Continue reading Lessons